Use HTS2 WEB-based VT to Adjunct an In-Office Therapy Protocol or Utilize HTS2 as a Stand Alone Home Therapy Program

The HTS iNet program is fully automated and easy to use.

Procedures include:

  • Pursuits
  • Saccades
  • Base-In/Base-Out Vergence
  • Jump Ductions
  • Jump Ductions Random
  • Base-Up/Base-Down Vergence
  • Accommodative Rock


Your first HTS2 order will include a complimentary doctor’s kit containing everything you need to immediately start offering HTS2 to your patients.

HTS2 maintains a toll-free tech support line to assist your patients with any computer related issues they may encounter.

The ease of operation, proven efficacy, automatic monitoring, and affordable price all allow you to immediately offer an extremely profitable new service to your patients.


  • Easy to Use and Implement... Simply click a button to activate the menu-driven procedures.HTS2 automatically guides your patient through the therapy protocol as goals are achieved. You and your staff can learn to use the program in less than one hour!
  • Proven Effective... More than 2,000 Doctors are currently using HTS2. Tens of thousand of patients have successfully completed the HTS2 therapy protocols and have had their symptoms alleviated.
  • HTS2 allows you to offer a new service at a price that your patients can easily afford while making minimal demands on your time.
  • Free Technical Support... HTS2 offers a toll-free support line to answer any computer related questions you or your patients may have. You simply diagnose and dispense, we take care of everything else.

Total Control

Dispense the HTS2 program in the Auto Mode and the program will automatically advance patients through successive levels of therapy as goals are achieved.  The Manual Mode allows you to assign your own custom protocol.

Proven Procedures

The HTS2 program is the only vision therapy device using scientifically proven methods of behavior modification (operant conditioning).  The program uses random dot stereograms and other objective targets.

HTS2 “knows” if your patient has performed the prescribed home therapy correctly.

Flat Fusion

Patients who cannot appreciate an RDS may be assigned a host of Flat Fusion targets. The patient may select the target they wish to use for each therapy session.

Provides Motivation

HTS2 presents your patients with bar graphs showing therapy goals.  Performances from their last and current sessions are displayed. HTS2 virtually “pats the patient on the back” encouraging them to try harder.

Instant Review

Simply log onto HTS2 to see a list of all of your patients. 
You may view their results, check compliance, modify their program, or send notes right from your computer.


Easy Monitoring

The HTS2 program provides graphs depicting each session’s performance.  The program displays date, time, duration and performance of each therapy session. HTS2 denotes when your patient has performed therapy and also if it was performed correctly.

Promotional Materials

HTS2 provides you with in-office promotional materials, such as an attractive free-standing brochure holder and pamphlets. They explain the benefits of the HTS2 program and are ideal for placement in your patient waiting area or examination rooms.

HTS2 also provides a companion Website: The site helps you enroll patients by explaining the symptoms associated with binocular vision problems and the benefits of HTS2 and vision therapy. Your practice will be included on a list of doctors using the HTS2 program so that patients near your office can contact you to enroll in vision therapy using the HTS2 program.

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Please Note: HTS2 is available only from a licensed eye care practitioner. If you are not an eye doctor please visit our website for a list of eye doctors near you who can prescribe the HTS2 program.