Computerized Perceptual Therapy

by Dr. Sidney Groffman
CPT Offers Eighteen In-Office Computerized Perceptual Therapy Programs.

The Programs Are Specifically Designed To Help Train Simultaneous Processing, Sequential Processing & Speed Of Processing.

The CPT program offers a unique computerized perceptual therapy modality for:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia/Reading Disabilities
  • Non Verbal Learning Disabilities
  • Rapid Automatized Naming
  • Automaticity
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Perceptual Speed
  • Auditory-Visual Integration
  • Visual Spatial Memory
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Spatial Perception
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Visual Attention
  • Visual-Motor Integration
Computerized Perceptual Therapy

Specific Variables

Each program allows you to select specific variables, thus assuring that therapy is customized for each patient’s individual needs.

Results for each session are stored on a computer’s hard drive for future reference.

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