Computer Orthoptics VTS4

Never before has vision therapy been so precise. The gamepad and mouse allow the patient’s therapy responses to alter the target demands. The Computer Orthoptics graphics are instantly moved, rotated or changed to create any base-in base-out disparity.

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Therapy Procedures:

  • Smooth Vergence
  • Rotations
  • Jump Ductions
  • Multiple Choice Vergence
  • Accommodative Rock
  • Pursuits
  • Saccades
  • Visual Memory
  • Cheiroscope
  • Amblyopia

Diagnostic Tests:

  • Phoria
  • Fusional Ranges
  • Accommodative Facility
  • Pursuits
  • Saccades
  • Worth 4 Dot
  • Motor Field
  • Fixation Disparity
  • Visual Memory
  • Aniseikonia

True Color Vergence Targets

Flat Screen HD 3D Technology

Provides Large Detailed True Color Vergence & Stereo Targets

Simultaneous Perception

Flat Fusion


See Video Demonstrations

Computerized Diagnostic Programs

With the push of a single button, you may call up testing programs using sophisticated first, second and third degree targets.

Computer Orthoptics includes complex monocular and binocular stimuli, which allow automatic testing of the following skills: Oculomotor (pursuits and saccades); fusional ranges; phorias; motor fields; fixation disparities, suppressions; retinal correspondence; accommodative facility; stereopsis, visual memory and Aniseikonia.

Automatic Training

Computer Orthoptics offers programs which automatically help train the patient. Included, are several random dot stereograms and other stereo targets which are devoid of monocular cues and can be seen only during binocular vision, thus ensuring patient compliance.

Liquid Crystal Glasses

Using the latest Liquid Crystal glasses technology, more than 100 targets of varying size, detail and retinal disparity are presented to easily treat the most difficult binocular disorders. Targets are presented in True Color, thus eliminating the problems typically associated with red/green anaglyphs. Such as chromostereopsis, color rivalry, and chromatic aberrations.

The Liquid Crystal glasses alternate each eye’s view from transparent to opaque in synchronization with the targets on the monitor. This rapid alternating occlusion will help break suppressions.

Easy Monitoring

The VTS 4Program stores the results from each Therapy Session for patients individually. You may view the information “on screen” or print the results for a permanent copy.

Computer Orthoptics VTS4

The proven instrument that will automatically help identify and remediate functional vision problems… efficiently, effectively & profitably.

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