Amblyopia iNet

11 Entertaining Home-based Near Vision Activities Designed for The Treatment of Amblyopia


Treating Amblyopia

HTS has created an amblyopia hand-eye coordination program which uses principles of operant conditioning and behavior modification to appropriately alter stimuli characteristics to improve visual acuity. Patients begin therapy with targets that are easily seen and become progressively smaller as therapy progresses.

Correct responses are reinforced with subsequent reduction in the size of the stimuli. Therapy is directed to improve resolving ability with concomitant use of hand-eye coordination tasks.

Therapy can be performed monocularly or monocularly in a binocular field.

Total Control

Dispense the AmbP iNet program in the Auto Mode and the program will automatically advance patients through successive acuity levels as goals are achieved.

The Manual Mode allows you to design your own custom protocol.

Provides Motivation

AmbP iNet presents your patients with a bar graph showing activity goals, plus performance from their last and current session are displayed…AmbP iNet virtually “

AmbP iNet virtually “pats the patient on the back” encouraging them to try harder.

Instant Review

Simply click on your AmbP iNet Tools icon and see a list of all of your patients.

You may view their results, check compliance, modify their program, or send notes right from your computer.

Easy Monitoring

The AmbP iNet program provides a cumulative graph depicting each session’s performance. The computer denotes date, time, duration and performance of each activity…

AmbP iNet denotes when your patient has performed the assigned tasks as well as if they were performed correctly.

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Please Note: AmbP iNet is available only from a licensed eye care practitioner. If you are not an eye doctor please visit our website for a list of eye doctors near you who can prescribe the AmbP iNet program.