ADR iNet Dynamic Reader

Over 140 Entertaining Stories Specifically Designed to Improve Reading Fluency for Grade Levels 1 through High School


Moving Text Dynamic Reading
The material to be read remains in the center of the screen and does not move down the page from top to bottom, therefore saccadic eye movements are not required. This prevents the loss of place and concentration that may occur when the print moves down to the next line. This step introduces the concept of Dynamic Reading with its emphasis on fluency, and reduction of fixations & regressions.

Standard Dynamic Reading
The print moves left to right and top to bottom. This step continues the emphasis on fluency and reduction of fixations & regressions. It introduces the added complexity of top to bottom reading.

Whole Line Dynamic Reading
The material to be read does not move left to right but is presented an entire line at a time. The patient must self- generate left to right eye movements while processing the information. The reading material moves down the page one line at a time to the end of the passage. The speed is determined by the patients reading rate and comprehension level. This is a critical bridge to normal reading.

Reading Level Test

The ADR iNet automatically determines the beginning reading grade level and Initial Words Per Minute for Each Patient.

As Performance Improves, the Program Automatically Advances the Grade Level Reading Material as well as, the Words Per Minute.

Total Control

The ADR iNet Allows You to Control the Words Per Minute, Font Sizes and Text Display Window Width for Each Story.

Instant Review

Simply click on your ADR iNet Tools icon and see a list of all of your patients. You may view their results, check compliance, modify their program, or send notes right from your computer.

Easy Monitoring

The ADR iNet program provides cumulative data depicting each session’s performance. The computer denotes date, time, duration and performance of each session…

ADR iNet denotes when your patient has performed the assigned tasks as well as if they were performed successfully.

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Please Note: ADR iNet is available only from a licensed eye care practitioner. If you are not an eye doctor please visit our website for a list of eye doctors near you who can prescribe the ADR iNet program.