Effective Vision Therapy Solutions

These new, revolutionary programs will significantly improve your patients' binocular and perceptual vision skills, while putting minimal demands on your time... even if you have not offered this valuable patient service before!

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In-Office Therapy

Computer Orthoptics VTS4

Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System

Computer Perceptual Therapy

Includes Eighteen In-Office Computerized Perceptual Therapy Programs

Sanet Vision Integrator

Designed to improve visual abilities for a wide range of patients with learning problems, sports vision enhancement, amblyopia, and traumatic brain injury.

In-Home Therapy


WEB-based VT Computerized Binocular Home Vision Therapy Program


Computerized Perceptual Home Vision Therapy Program

PVT iNet

Perceptual Visual Tracking Program

SUB iNet

Home-Based Procedures Designed to Address Deficits and Significantly Improve Math Skills

AmbP iNet

Near Vision Activities for treatment of Amblyopia

ADR iNet Dynamic Reader

Home-Based Software Designed to Help Improve Reading Fluency